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EDDE Selection #16


  1. Lessons from the Information War over Ukraine (USCPD) The information war underway amid the ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine is generating a formidable impact on global public opinion and the conduct of foreign policy. On September 6, 2022 from 10:00am–11:15am (PT), CPD will host a panel discussion with experts who will address the characteristics of this phenomenon in the context of contemporary public diplomacy practice and study. 2. The European Union opens a Silicon Valley 'embassy' (Politico) Long-time European Commission bureaucrat Gerard de Graaf will head a new California office, opening September 1st, where he’ll talk to [...]

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EDDE Selection #15


  1. Artificial Intelligence and Diplomatic Crisis Management: Addressing the ‘Fog of War’ Problem (Working Paper by Corneliu Bjola) AI systems could provide assistance to diplomats and decision-makers in times of crisis by helping them make sense of what is happening (descriptive analytics), chart possible trends or patterns of evolution of the crisis (predictive analytics) and assess the validity of the response strategies (prescriptive analytics). 2. YouTube Researcher Program (YouTube) Eligible researchers from diverse disciplines can apply to use YouTube data to study a variety of topics. We’re starting this program by offering participants the following: 1. Scaled access to YouTube’s [...]

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EDDE Selection #14


  1. The surprising origins of the modern conspiracy theory (BBC) From 'Pizzagate' to QAnon, conspiracy theories feel like a product of the modern world, spread through the ubiquitous nature of social media, however there are patterns in the make up of these myths that can be traced back centuries. The medieval period proved the perfect breeding ground for what we have come to know as conspiracy theories, and one particular king, Philip IV of France, could be seen as perhaps the greatest conspiracy theorist of that time. 2. Ukraine’s use of digital diplomacy (Podcast by ABC) Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky [...]

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EDDE Selection #13


  1. The case for turning off your Zoom camera (BBC) Bosses want video call cameras on. But workers may have a strong argument against appearing on screen when they don’t want to. 2. Internet Diplomacy - Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace (Edited by Meryem Marzouki and Andrea Calderaro) In broadening our view of diplomacy in the digital age, the book includes a comprehensive collection of contributions and cases addressing Internet Diplomacy. Collectively, it expands our understanding of transformations in international diplomacy and transnational digital governance, their drivers and their nature, their capacity to challenge power relations, and, ultimately, the [...]

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EDDE Selection #12


  1. What is Tech Diplomacy? A Very Short Definition (Eugenio V. Garcia) Anyone trying to make sense of technology and international relations today will stumble into a plethora of closely related terms, such as e-diplomacy, cyber diplomacy, digital technology, tech diplomacy, and so forth. All these options on the menu seem very confusing (and they are), even for experts. They have been used interchangeably to apply to similar domains, but a bit more clarity would be welcomed. I will put forward here a few suggestions as a personal contribution to this ongoing debate. 2. TWIPLOMACY 2022 - Top 50 Power [...]

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EDDE Selection #11


  1. Virtual Venues and International Negotiations: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic (Article by Corneliu Bjola and Michaela Coplen) Drawing on a survey of diplomats with experience in virtual venue negotiation, we analyze respondents’ perceptions of efficacy, tactics, and legitimacy in these venues. We find that virtual venues not only affect the format, but also the substance of negotiations. In general, perceptions of efficacy are related to diplomats’ ability to ‘read the room’. 2. On the Metaverse: The Good, the Bad and Ugly (Ilan Manor Blog) Winston Churchill famously defined diplomacy as the art of telling someone to go to hell [...]

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EDDE Selection #10


  1. Want to get rich? Apply today and join the Illuminati! (EU DisinfoLab) In the first part, we identify a network of websites and Facebook groups and pages, which share the same tracker IDs (e.g. Facebook Pixel ID, among others) and are therefore connected. In the second part, we identify nine Telegram channels and groups with hundreds and sometimes thousands of subscribers and members, which try to lure users into joining the Illuminati by offering them payments. 2. How Big Tech discriminates on misinformation (Politico) We’ll look at how: In Eastern European countries, Russian state media and disinformation are still [...]

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EDDE Selection #9


  1. A Closer Look at South Korea's-UN Celebrity Youth Diplomacy (CPD) Celebrity diplomacy is an interesting topic that has received academic attention. It refers to celebrities, such as singers or actors who act for political entities such as the United Nations (UN) and governments. 2. How Ukraine’s wide use of cryptocurrency is playing out during the war (The Verge) TheThe terrible, unprovoked war in Ukraine has destabilized that country’s economy and banking system, leading both Ukrainian politicians and citizens to more seriously consider cryptocurrency. I’m pretty skeptical of crypto, but I want to come by that skepticism honestly, and I [...]

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EDDE Selection #8


  1. How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression (Article by Gary King, Jennifer Pan, and Margaret E. Roberts) We show that the censorship program is aimed at curtailing collective action by silencing comments that represent, reinforce, or spur social mobilization, regardless of content. Censorship is oriented toward attempting to forestall collective activities that are occurring now or may occur in the future—and, as such, seem to expose government intent clearly. 2. Building a Cyber Force Is Even Harder Than You Thought (War on the Rocks) In the past decades, over 40 states have publicly established some [...]

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New generation of EDDE digital diplomats is out “in the wild”


  Bled was the place of our latest training course, taking place from 10 - 13 May 2022. In the picturesque environment, 35 participants from 16 countries were able to enhance their digital communication skills. The digital press and public diplomacy capacities of government communicators were boosted by the careful selection of the top-notch trainers and practitioners of digital diplomacy, coming from the US, Italy, Estonia, Georgia, Canada, Slovenia, Serbia and Lithuania. After three days of various lectures and sessions, participants were able to use their newly gained knowledge in practice on the fourth day, when the simulation was on the [...]

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