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New generation of EDDE digital diplomats is out “in the wild”


  Bled was the place of our latest training course, taking place from 10 - 13 May 2022. In the picturesque environment, 35 participants from 16 countries were able to enhance their digital communication skills. The digital press and public diplomacy capacities of government communicators were boosted by the careful selection of the top-notch trainers and practitioners of digital diplomacy, coming from the US, Italy, Estonia, Georgia, Canada, Slovenia, Serbia and Lithuania. After three days of various lectures and sessions, participants were able to use their newly gained knowledge in practice on the fourth day, when the simulation was on the [...]

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      After more than 3 years we are returning to the place where it all began - Bled, Slovenia. In the picturesque alpine setting, we are organizing a four-day training designed to enhance the digital press and public diplomacy capacities of government communicators. The training for 35 participants will be held from the 10th to the 13th of May 2022. The participants, coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, will get equipped with essential skills for conducting digital diplomacy skills. They will have a [...]

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EDDE Selection #7


  1. Time to reflect: Multilateralism Day (Jovan Kurbalija - Diplo Blog) Two hypotheses can help us understand the current situation and discuss the future of multilateralism. One: Humanity’s very existence depends on cooperation between tribal and national borders. Two: Greater social and economic interdependence will result in less war and more diplomacy. 2. Russia Is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale (Wired) The orders are issued like clockwork. Every day, often at around 5 am local time, the Telegram channel housing Ukraine’s unprecedented “IT Army” of hackers buzzes with a new list of targets. The volunteer group has been knocking [...]

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Communicators of the Georgian government are equipped with a new communication toolkit


  Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was the location of our first two-day in-person training this year, which took place on April 4 and April 5. We had the pleasure to provide new knowledge to 30 communicators, coming from different ministries and institutions of the Georgian government. The super engaged and active group kicked off the training with a lecture on developing effective messaging campaigns and continued with lectures about mastering rhetorical skills, building infographics & visuals, and ended the day with a topic of social media analytics. The second focused on message development, storytelling, smartphone photography & videography and verifying [...]

Communicators of the Georgian government are equipped with a new communication toolkit2022-04-07T14:00:09+00:00

ANNOUNCEMENT: Digital Diplomacy goes to Georgia


  We are back in action for the first event this year. Our team is already stationed in Georgia and getting ready to deliver a two-day training for the communicators of the Georgian government and other state institutions. The training for 35 communicators will take place on April 4 and April 5, 2022. This time we will focus on boosting practical skills to enhance effective communication. Participants will have a chance to enhance their rhetorical skills, infographics design, social media analytics, message development, storytelling, smartphone photography, smartphone videography, and the usage of open-source tools to verify the information.  

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EDDE Selection #6


  1. Digital Diplomacy: Is social media today's central battlefield? (The Garden Event with Dr. Jennifer Cassidy) Wednesday, March 23; 7:00 (GMT+1) International diplomacy in the age of social media is no longer conducted by letter or considered phone call but Live-Tweeted in real time & in public. From Trump vs North Korea to the Ukraine War, how are foreign relations conducted in the Digital Age? 2. Ukraine & Civic Resistance on the 21st Century Battlefield (Byline Times) From Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine eight years later, Dr. Jennifer Cassidy explains the impact and [...]

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EDDE Selection #5


  1. Digital Diplomacy Wins This War (David Pollard) Putin may think, because he is on the offensive, that he controls the situation but, the people of the World control the narrative. 2. Exclusive: Ukraine prepares potential move of sensitive data to another country - official (Reuters) The Ukrainian government is preparing for the potential need to move its data and servers abroad if Russia's invading forces push deeper into the country, a senior cybersecurity official told Reuters on Wednesday. 3. The Comfortable Spot with Dr. Jennifer Cassidy (The Comfortable Spot Podcast) Today, I’m joined by Irish author and academic, Dr. [...]

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EDDE Selection #4


  1. How to Use Social Media During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (Logically) During a conflict, it can be even harder to navigate social media with responsibility, and even harder to recognize propaganda and disinformation. This guide offers an overview of how to use social media responsibly during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 2. Cyber road from Ukraine: where will it take us? (DIPLO) This (in)famous warning has been discussed and re-discussed since 2012. Could a devastating cyberattack against critical infrastructure – like an energy grid or a water facility – be a prelude to all out war? The past [...]

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EDDE Selection #3


1. A War in Europe Is Being Documented One Social Media Post at a Time (Vice) There are more social media platforms at our disposal than ever, and the slow ramp-up to all-out war has meant that Ukrainians and journalists on the ground have documented every step that led to the invasion as we see it today.  2. Some resources for following the invasion of Ukraine (Nieman Lab) Following the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is difficult, especially if you’re not already extremely knowledgeable about the situation. Turning to Twitter may be the automatic reaction, but it’s not necessarily that [...]

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EDDE Selection #2


1. Anti-misinformation Hub Launches In Central Europe (Barron's) An EU-funded hub to fight misinformation in Central Europe launched in Prague on Thursday, led by an alliance of researchers and fact-checking journalists. The project, coordinated by Charles University, also aims to boost public media literacy in the region and develop artificial intelligence tools to detect misinformation. 2. JOURNAL: Place Branding and Public Diplomacy - Special Issue on Sports Diplomacy (editor James Pamment) Sports diplomacy has, over the past few years, developed into a vibrant field of inquiry relevant to both practitioners and scholars. Sitting at the intersection of many fields, it raises [...]

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