Due to covid-19 pandemic, the second part of European Digital Diplomacy Exchange (EDDE) Eastern Europe Roadshow, taking place in Ukraine and Georgia is touring virtually. It is starting off with a training for Ukrainian government communicators on 14 and 15 December following with the training for Georgian government communicators on 16 and 17 December 2020. Both trainings are organized by The Centre for European Perspective, together with the U.S. Department of State.

ICT revolution has undoubtedly transformed the way people across the world communicate and exchange information. The effectiveness of digital diplomacy in each country is very much dependent on how diplomats and other professionals use digital communication tools to understand and transform their online presence to achieve their goals and objectives. At the times of covid-19 pandemic, the era of broken trust, the knowledge and skills that government representatives need to aquire to effectively communicate with their citizenry are proven to be more important then ever.

This trainings will help to improve the communication approaches, learn about how to develop effective messaging campaigns to perform better in the digital space. Moreover, the trainings will not forget about the dark side of the digital, so the participants will be able to know more about disinformation and how to counter this phenomenon.