1. Digital Diplomacy Wins This War (David Pollard)

Putin may think, because he is on the offensive, that he controls the situation but, the people of the World control the narrative.

2. Exclusive: Ukraine prepares potential move of sensitive data to another country – official (Reuters)

The Ukrainian government is preparing for the potential need to move its data and servers abroad if Russia’s invading forces push deeper into the country, a senior cybersecurity official told Reuters on Wednesday.

3. The Comfortable Spot with Dr. Jennifer Cassidy (The Comfortable Spot Podcast)

Today, I’m joined by Irish author and academic, Dr. Jennifer Cassidy. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Jennifer is based at the University of Oxford. Having received her doctorate in 2016, Jennifer specialises in researching international development and digital diplomacy.

4. Ukraine to launch NFT to mark history of Russian invasion (The Guardian)

The Ukrainian government is to launch a non-fungible token marking the history of the Russian invasion with unique digital art, in its latest use of digital assets to fund its war efforts.

5. A top Wikipedia editor has been arrested in Belarus (The Verge)

The Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of Belarus (GUBOPiK) has detained prominent Wikipedia editor Mark Bernstein, according to the Belarusian publication Zerkalo. The arrest comes after Bernstein’s personal information was shared on GOBUPiK’s public Telegram channel. Bernstein is one of the top 50 editors of Russian Wikipedia.

6. Photographs as Instruments of Public Diplomacy: China’s Visual Storytelling during the Covid-19 Pandemic (Olli Hellmann, Kai Oppermann)

This article explores the effectiveness of photographs as instruments of public diplomacy through an analysis of China’s visual storytelling during the Covid-19 outbreak. Beijing considered the pandemic an existential threat to its image and responded with a communications offensive that was designed to highlight the regime’s success in containing the Coronavirus — both at home and abroad — and to safeguard the wider ‘China story’ of a ‘peace-loving and responsible global leader’.