For the first time, government communicators from Bulgaria are attending the European Digital Diplomacy Exchange (EDDE) digital strategic communication training, which will take place next week from the 30th to the 31st of January, 2023, in Sofia. The event will bring together communicators from various ministries, agencies, and other state institutions.

The main focus of this in-country training is the conceptualization, development and implementation of digital strategic communication practices and campaigns that were identified as necessary together with the Diplomatic Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Besides that, individual consultations will be offered to the participants in the following days to discuss specific communication items.

Individualized EDDE activities have been developed with the idea of offering countries additional support for building their collective capacities. Those activities address a whole-of-government audience that exceeds the personnel limitations of EDDE’s standard trainings. In this project span, we have already organized three in-country trainings, the first one in Georgia, the second in Kosovo and the third in North Macedonia.

These project activities are supported by the U.S. Department of State.