In 2024, a staggering number of over 4 billion individuals, representing half the planet’s population, will exercise their right to vote. This year, the power of strategic communication holds unprecedented significance for the future of humanity. It transcends mere countering of disinformation; rather, it becomes paramount in safeguarding democracy itself. In this pivotal moment, digital communication emerges as a most important tool, poised to shape the course of events and uphold the values of democratic governance.

This year, our first multilateral EDDE training that just successfully concluded, was as relevant as ever. This time, we were all about Enhancing Digital Strategic Messaging. The training was opened by H.E. US Ambassador Jamie L. Harpootlian and Petra Bezjak Cirman, director of the Governmental Communication Office of RS, who engaged in the panel discussion. We were joined by 46 government communicators from 20 countries and by 9 international experts from CEP, DigiTips, META and the US State Department.

The four-day EDDE training provided a comprehensive exploration of the critical intersection between government affairs and digital engagement, offering participants a diverse display of speakers and activities aimed at enhancing their understanding and skills in this rapidly evolving field. Throughout the training, attendees were treated to insightful lectures and workshops covering various aspects of digital communication strategies. The topics ranged from the evolution of the digital society to audience analysis, strategic marketing, and practical sessions on videography and photography techniques for crafting professional-grade content with minimal equipment. The lectures also delved into graphic design principles, digital media monitoring, and strategies for combatting digital disinformation, culminating in a simulation exercise where attendees applied their knowledge in real-time scenarios. The final day showcased a dynamic simulation activity, challenging participants to develop digital strategic communications campaigns for authentic case scenarios. This hands-on approach provided invaluable insights and skills, empowering attendees to adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of digital engagement in government affairs.

In addition to educational sessions, our event emphasized fostering connections and strong bonds among participants. We organized engaging activities like “Who am I?” icebreaker and “Perfect EDDE Match” speed dating. The participants were also challenged with a thrilling scavenger hunt in Bled. The highlight was a memorable dinner in Ljubljana, attended by esteemed ambassadors, promoting meaningful exchanges in an informal atmosphere.

European digital diplomacy exchange training 27 FEB-1 MAR 2024