1. Big Tech Goes to War (Foreign Affairs)

To Help Ukraine, Washington and Silicon Valley Must Work Together.

2. Pro-Kremlin influencers reignite Zelenskyy “green screen” theory (DFRlab)

The narrative recycles old footage of the Ukrainian president recording a hologram to allege he fled the country.

3. How Quantum Theories Took Over TikTok (Slate)

At first glance, the video seems like an ordinary news recap. “So today the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to scientists,” says TikTok creator Sami Moog. Then things get really trippy. “Your imagination literally makes up your own personal quantum field and it constructs every single thing around you,” he says. By the end, he’s discussed vibrationally matching your desires and manifesting changes to reality.

4. An Unholy Alliance Between Ye, Musk, and Trump (The Atlantic)

The Big Tech whiplash is here.

5. New Tool Lets You Search Tons of Old CDs and Floppy Disks for Lost Media (The Vice)

DiscMaster lets you search and view millions of old files from the early days of the internet.

6. Social Media and Digital Diplomacy: A Conversation With Nick Clegg of Meta (Council on Foreign Relations)

Nick Clegg discusses the role of Meta and social media in global politics, including its use as a platform for political movements, efforts to combat the spread of misinformation, and measures in place to support international election security.

7. Stifling the press is stifling progress. Here’s how policymakers can intervene. (Atlantic Council)

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in the way leaders treat their countries’ press. The result is that 85 per cent of the world’s population has experienced a decline in press freedom in their country over the past five years, while trends in the suppression of independent press and media polarization are on the rise.